GSoC with LibreOffice: Work Product

Google Summer of Code 2016 is coming to an end. It was an awesome experience and I got to learn something new every time I switched my linux on. I was assigned a project before the start of GSoC with my mentors, Samuel Mehrbrodt and Yousuf Philips, but I managed to complete two projects in the given time frame.Here is the link to my GSoC Introduction blog. This blog post provides an overview of the projects I’ve contributed to LibreOffice during GSoC and it’s significance in the professional working environment.

List of latest Commits

Total commits count: 61 patches in master and 31 backport commits to LibreOffice 5.2.

LibreOffice gave me commit access soon after the GSoC coding period started. I also committed few patches of other developers.

I will now continue with an overview of my projects.

Project 1: Redesigning the Template Manager [Blog]

The above link provides description of all the functionalities which are there in the new design. The dialog has gone through a major rework solving the defects which were surfacing in the previous template manager for ex: visible empty folders.

Initial Commit:  New Template Manager

After the initial commit, I continued with my work and a series of major and minor commits were made to implement the functionalities. The commits can be found in the commit lists provided above. I’ll mention three of the important ones here.

After this project was completed, me and my mentors decided to take another project. It was Samuel’s idea to create an emoji toolbar control and we discussed the development process in detail.

Project 2: Emoji Toolbar Control [Blog]

The above blog contains all the information about the emoji control.

Initial Commit:  GSoC Emoji Control

Adding Noto Emoji font to LO installation:

Miscellaneous Tasks

and so on..

There was so much to learn during GSoC and I would like to thank the LibreOffice community for continuously helping and supporting me to complete the projects.

Thank you Google for such an awesome summer program. 👌


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